Music event on Blackheath

The decision by Lewisham Council's Licensing Committee to allow a two day music event on their part of Blackheath in 2011 - and every year thereafter - has astonished many local residents. An appeal has been launched against the decision and is scheduled to be heard starting on 3rd March at Bromley Magistrates Court.

Although Blackheath Westcombe Conservative Councillor Geoff Brighty sent an objection to Lewisham Licensing, Greenwich Council was not formally consulted by Lewisham even though London Borough of Greenwich residents are likely to be affected.

Councillors from both London Borough of Greenwich Wards bordering the Heath - Blackheath Westcombe and Greenwich West - have joined together to make a cross-party submission to the appeal with both Blackheath Westcombe Conservative Councillors, Geoff Brighty and Alex Wilson, signing statements opposing the event.