Getting a fair deal for Eltham residents on Highways

Conservative councillors were out in force last week to protect the interest of Eltham residents at the council’s Highways Committee.

The committee again turned to the review of Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) in Eltham North, and the views that been expressed by residents in Archery Road, Dobell Road and Roper Street.  The council was again recommending no change for these roads even though residents had expressed a desire to have their arrangements changed.

 Eltham North councillor Spencer Drury spoke up for residents at the previous meeting in December and last week Eltham South councillors Adam Thomas and Eileen Glover, Blackheath councillor Alex Wilson, together with residents from Roper Street, again raised the issue and asked for more options to be presented to residents living in these roads.  Following these presentations the council has now agreed to look again at the situation and offer further consultations for residents to work out a better solution.

At the meeting the issue of Fiveways was also discussed, with Eltham South councillor Matt Clare making a detailed presentation on the changes that needed to be made to encourage better traffic flow, and questioning why TfL was proposing minor changes to pedestrian crossings instead of facing the real issue about congestion, road accidents and pollution. 

 As a result of interventions by Conservative councillors the committee agreed to use the proposals put forward by TfL as opportunity to make representations for further action to be taken.