Conservative councillors help to prevent inappropriate development on Avery Hill

 Conservative councillors in Eltham South have successfully supported residents in opposing two proposed developments on Avery Hill. In both cases councillors felt that the proposals being put forward were inappropriate for the local area, and have welcomed the decision by Greenwich Council to refuse planning permission for both schemes.

Councillors objected to the proposals being put forward for the redevelopment of the former petrol station on the corner of Avery Hill Road and Eastnor Road, arguing that the scheme was too dense and out of keeping with the shops and residential properties in New Eltham.  Councillors also shared the concerns of residents on Eastnor Road regarding the safety of the proposed access.

The proposals for the development of houses behind 182-184 Avery Hill Road were also refused, thanks to new Government guidance preventing ‘garden grabbing’ and concerns regarding the access.

Eltham South Councillor Adam Thomas said, “We’re very pleased that the council has listened to the views of residents in refusing both these applications, it’s not that residents or councillors are NIMBYs, we would like to see the petrol station site put to good use, but development must be in keeping and appropriate to the area.

“As ward councillors we would very much welcome developers seeking our views and those of the wider community to get a scheme that people are happy with.  The Government’s new Localism Bill will make sure that more power is given to communities in deciding the future of their local area, and we very much welcome this.”