Changes planned for Pedestrian Crossing at Fiveways

Eltham Conservatives have been informed that TfL are currently developing a proposal to improve pedestrian facilities at the Fiveways junction of the A20.  The scheme seeks to improve the alignment of the uncontrolled pedestrian crossings on Green Lane (north and south).


Originally the scheme also included the provision of a signalised pedestrian facility across Sidcup Road (west), however, this element of the scheme was found to be unacceptable due to traffic impact which would have caused longer delays and congestion in the area.  TfL are however seeking to widen the central island on the western arm of the junction to improve this crossing facility.


In summary, the proposed measures include the following:


  • Realigning the uncontrolled crossings on Green Lane (both north and south).
  • Relocating islands on Green Lane (both north and south) and relocating stoplines.
  • Widening the central reservation in Sidcup Road (west) to provide more space for waiting pedestrians.
  • Building out the corner on the north west of the junction (Green Lane (north) & Sidcup Road (west)) to clearly separate the two crossing points.
  • Altering the tactile paving arrangements at the relocated crossings where appropriate.
  • Altering the road markings in the centre of the junction to help traffic undertake the right hand turn into Green Lane (both north & south).


Additionally some other accessibility improvements will be investigated at the other crossings at this same junction, including alignment of road studs and footway gradients.


If you do have any comments or enquiries about the plans, please contact TfL by Friday 28th January.  Contact details are:-


Consultation and Engagement Centre
Transport for London
Surface Transport Communications
11th floor, Zone G2, Palestra
197 Blackfriars Road
London SE1 8NJ

fax 020 3054 2002