Conservatives would freeze Greenwich Council Tax

Council Tax in Greenwich has increased by 24% in the last three years, resulting in hardship for many on low incomes, particularly those like pensioners, whose income is tied to general inflation (about 8% over the same period).

Conservative Councillors believe that the Council’s demand for a further rise of almost 5% in the Council Tax this year is unjust. Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Councillor Rhodri Harris said “how can it be right to increase Council Tax by 5% when pensions are going up by 2.8%?

“Worse still, all the extra money the Council will raise, plus another £½million, is going into reserves rather than services.  As a result the Council will have £9.9million of reserves – 50% more than the District Auditor believes necessary. Presumably Labour will use these reserves to cushion Council Tax increases in the run up to the next Borough Elections. In 2002 they did this, and then increased the Council Tax by a massive £135 immediately afterwards”.

At the meeting to set the Council Tax, Conservatives proposed that the Borough’s tax be frozen, but Labour and Liberal Democrat Councillors forced the increase through.