Parking in Eltham and Boris’ improvements to the High Street

At the Highways Committee meeting in December (ironically delayed from the 1st to the 16th due to snow blocked roads) Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury attended to speak about two items – the review of the controlled parking zones around the Eltham Centre/Station and the upgrading of Eltham High Street which is being funded by Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

The second item considered was a review of the controlled parking zone (CPZ) around the Eltham Centre in particular and Eltham High Street in general.  Having conducted a full consultation (more than a year after it was due, but it did happen), the Council was recommending no change in Archery Road and Dobell Road (where residents were unhappy with the current situation) and change in Gourock Road and Elstow Close (where residents quite liked the Eltham Centre CPZ).  Cllr Drury expressed his opinion that the proposals were nonsensical as they completely ignored what residents seemed to want – which made the whole consultation pointless.  He informed the committee that many Archery Road residents seemed to want a change to the Eltham Station CPZ which covered the majority of the road, but this report did not recommend it.  For the four roads concerned, the responses to the question ‘Are you generally happy with the operation of the zone?’ were:





Gourock Road



Elstow Close



Archery Road



Dobell Road






In addition, local residents raised concerns over the situation in Greenacres which were reinforced by Eltham South Conservative Councillor Adam Thomas who asked for the report to be deferred for reconsideration.  The Committee agreed, so the item on the CPZ will come back to the committee in the near future where hopefully residents will be able to make clear their views on the proposed changes to the controlled parking zones.   


The other item, which was greeted by general agreement and support, was the plan to improve Eltham High Street which is being funded by the Mayor of London.  The plan has been refined in consultation with the Eltham Society and other local bodies but focuses on improvements to crossing areas at either end of the High Street (by Westmount Road and Well Hall Road).  In addition, the plan will put a speed table into the junction of Archery Road, Orangery Lane and Gourock Road and improve lighting on Philipot Path.  Cllr Drury spoke to support the improvement and to ask for a second speed table on Archery Road at the junction with Strongbow Road to be considered. 


Spencer said “The improvements to Eltham High Street seem to have garnered universal support and I am pleased that Boris is taking time to support Eltham following his visit earlier in the year.  I am also pleased that the officers and the committee are going to take some more time to look at the proposals for changes to the CPZs as it seems to me that what they suggested did not fully reflect the wishes of the public in the consultation.”