Delays and indecision over gyratory plan

The Council’s plan to introduce a Greenwich gyratory system and pedestrianise two sides of the market has run into trouble over the massive increase in traffic on residential roads that this would cause. 

According to a local residents association, Hyder Consulting estimates that if the Gyratory and Traffic Calming Measures are introduced, at best, Burney Street would get double the present levels of traffic, Circus Street 3 times the present amount and Maidenstone Hill would have a 50% increase.

As opposition has grown to the gyratory system among local residents, one problem has been the failure of the local Labour Councillors to represent the views of their constituents.  One Greenwich West Councillor wrote “I remain genuinely undecided on the current pedestrianisation proposals” despite local residents being clear that the impact on them would be detrimental—when will they listen to residents?   

There is further confusion over whether the Labour only Cabinet or the more open Highways Committee will take the decision.  Chairman of Greenwich West Conservatives and Maidenstone Hill resident Simon Gallie said “I am completely opposed to these proposals as they will make life for residents across West Greenwich much worse.  A proper plan would push more traffic on to the A2 rather than simply force it through the back roads of Greenwich.”