Bottom of the class for Greenwich schools

Let no-one be in any doubt - there are some wonderful examples in Greenwich and Woolwich of how our education system should work.  Unfortunately, there are many more examples of how Labour is failing our children.

Greenwich schools are now at the very bottom of the London league table for GCSE results.  They are now being outperformed by both Hackney and Islington. Only 35.7% of pupils scored 5 or more GCSE's at grades A*-C (as compared to 58.9% in Conservative-controlled Bromley, just down the road).

Alistair Craig, the Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Greenwich & Woolwich, is quite clear about what has to be done:

"Many parents in this area are choosing to have their children educated in neighbouring areas like Bromley if they can.  But many parents do not have the luxury of this option, and their children are not receiving the
education they deserve.  This is leading to a culture of low expectations and low achievement.  The Labour Government's education policies, ineptly implemented by the local Labour council, have led to this appalling state of affairs.

Now, more than ever, we have to give our school pupils a fair deal on education.  Our "Pupil's Passport" will mean more choice for parents.  It will mean that successful schools can grow and encourage pupils to aspire to real achievement.  It will free schools from the madness of central government bureaucracy which is currently blighting teachers' lives.

But, more than anything, it will ensure that no child is left behind or held back by our education system.  A decent education should be for all - unfortunately, in Labour Greenwich, it is only for the few.  And that cannot be right".