Court Road - makes list of most congested roads in London

Recent analysis by TomTom has shown that Court Road in Eltham South ward is the 8th most congested road in Greater London, being congested for 82 hours a week!

Eltham South councillor Cllr Matt Clare, who lives on Tarnwood Park, on Court Road has been leading on work to try and reduce congestion levels on local roads, identifying where cost effective improvemets can be made, while at the same time trying to make local roads safer.

Cllr Clare said, 'We need to look at the borough's road system holistically, identifying problem areas and putting forward workable solutions to make life better both for drivers, but also pedestrians and other road users.'

'This is also about working with councillors in neighbouring boroughs to tackle bigger problemes, such as Fiveways in New Eltham.'

Conservative councillors have already lobbied for safety measures on Court Road, getting a second flashing speed sign installed, calling for more anti-skid surfacing, and renewal of chevrons  and warning bollards.

If you have any concerns about road safety issues, please contact Cllr Matt Clare on