Greenwich bottom of the class...again

On Thursday the Government published the GCSE results data for all London Boroughs, highlighting that Greenwich has come 30th out of the 32 boroughs.  On the Government's key measurement of 5 A*-C grades including English and Maths, less than half of Greenwich's 16 years olds acheived it, against a London score of 57% and close to the bottom of the 142 education authorities nationwide.

Eltham South Cllr Adam Thomas, who sits on the council's Children and Young People Committee, which scruntinises exam results and education policy said, 'While results have gone up this year, it is still very disappointing that Greenwich continues to find itself at the bottom of the league tables for another year.'

Greenwich Conservatives have been closely scruntinising council education policies and continue to call on the Local Education Authority to embrace the Coalition Govenrment's new education reforms, such as Academy status and the creation of Free Schools to help raise performance. 

We want to see teachers being given the freedom to teach and parents exercising greater control and choice over where their children go to school, instead of schools being run by central dicktat from an overbearing LEA.