Eltham Renaissance consults on Grove Market proposals

After many years of waiting for the Grove Market site to be redeveloped, Eltham Renaissance are now coming forward with new proposals for the site and will be holding a public exhibition to show their proposals to local residents.


The consultation meetings will be held on the following days:


Friday 29 October 11am-8pm, Passey Place


Saturday 30 October 10am-4pm, Passey Place


Eltham South councillor, Adam Thomas said “we will be very interested to see what Eltham Renaissance will be bringing forward.  This is a very controversial development, which was opposed by Greenwich Council’s Planning Board, but forced through by the previous Labour Government.”


We will be scrutinising these proposals very carefully to see if the developer has learned any lessons from the strong local opposition to the original proposals. 


We will also be discussing the current state of the site with the developer, as we have received a huge amount of complaints about how the site has been managed, the current situation is simply not acceptable.”