Eltham North Councillor Objects to late night licence

Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury has written to object to the licensing application for the Eltham Terrace Club (2a Well Hall Road, London, SE9 6SF) which has recently asked the Council to allow the following activities:-

  • Sale of Alcohol (to club members or bona fide guests only) - Monday to Sunday 12.00 hours until 02.00 hours
  • Indoor Sporting Events – Monday to Sunday 10.00 hours until 04.00 hours
  • Recorded Music (background music only) - Monday to Sunday 10.00 hours until 04.00 hours

Spencer said “I fully understand that this club needs to be able to stay open until late, but I think neighbours will be disturbed in the early hours of the morning if alcohol can be served until 2am each night and I fear they could find it difficult to sleep as there is no limit to the volume of the ‘background music’.

I would urge any concerned resident to write to the Council’s licensing authorities to object and would be grateful if they could copy their responses to me.”

The last date for residents to respond to the application if the 4th October 2010.