Conservative councillors stop mast on Court Road

Conservative councillors Matt Clare and Adam Thomas were pleased to be informed on Friday that the proposed Telephonica O2 UK phone mast for the corner of Court Rd and Middle Park Avenue has been refused permission by Greenwich Council.  Planners also informed the applicants that the council now considers this a site inappropriate for siting phone masts. 


Cllr Matt Clare who led the campaign to stop the mast said, 'This is a real victory for the local residents, almost 100 concerned local residents signed our petition and I am very pleased that the planners have recognised the weight of local feeling against this development. 


Cllr Adam Thomas, who also opposed the devleopment said, 'I hope that other phone companies looking to put a mast here, will now take note of the planners recommendation that this site is inappropriate for such developments.  They will now know that residents living here aren't an easy touch and it is a credit to lcola people that they took a stand and won!'


Below is replicated the letter of objection sent by Cllr Adam Thomas to the phone mast:


Letter of objection to Planning Application - Telefonica O2 UK - 10/1904/F


As the ward councillor for Eltham South ward, I am writing to object to the planning application from Telephonica O2 for a 12.5 metre phone mast and supporting equipment cabinet which the applicant is proposing to install on the junction of Court Road and Middle Park Avenue.


A large number of residents living in Eltham South ward in proximity to the site have shown a strong opposition to the development of a mobile phone mast, through the signing of a petition.  I therefore ask that Greenwich Council strongly considers refusing this particular application.


I wish to object for the following reasons:


  • The council’s decision in application 09/0767/F states that after six planning refusals, this particular location has been ‘established by the Council as being unacceptable for telecommunications masts and equipment cabinets.’
  • The applicant has not shown how they would overcome the previous reasons for refusing a telecommunications mast in this location, namely the proximity of the proposed mast and equipment cabinet to the junction and the likelihood that the carrying out of maintenance to the apparatus and equipment would ‘cause obstruction to the public highway that would be detrimental to vehicle and pedestrian safety.’
  • The proposals would be inappropriate for the Eltham Palace Conservation Area. I believe that the proposals do not seek to preserve or enhance the special character or appearance of the area.  The applicant is not proposing to adequately camouflage the mast, and I believe that this would have an adverse visual effect on the conservation area’s special character and appearance and is therefore not acceptable.  I therefore believe that the application contravenes D16 of the Unitary Development Plan.The proposals do not meet the criteria of policy D11 of the Unitary Development Plan.  Specifically policies D11(i),(ii) and (v), as the applicant has made little attempt to camouflage or reduce the visual appearance of the proposed mast.
  • There appears to have been inadequate pre-application consultation with the wider local community living in proximity to the site by the applicant, contrary to the guidance of PPG 8, as well as further guidance that has been provided by the Government regarding the importance of pre-application activity.
  • Local residents should not have their health placed at risk when clear, unequivocal concerns have been raised by nationally appointed health bodies, including the Stewart Report, on the long term health effects of microwave radiation. I, Cllr Clare and a large number of local residents have concerns and worries regarding mobile masts and their perceived detrimental effect on health grounds.


For these reasons I am objecting to these proposals, and would ask the council to strongly consider refusing this application.


Yours Sincerely,

Cllr Adam Thomas

Eltham South ward