Your local Conservative Councillors working hard to improve Coldharbour, New Eltham and Mottingham

Your local councillors, John Hill, Mandy Brinkhurst and Neil Dickinson have wasted no time since the election in talking to residents, community groups, Friends of the Parks, shop keepers and business leaders.

We are currently surveying streets across the ward so we can hear your ideas and what your priorities are for YOUR street, road, area and how you feel they can be improved.  We will be running a ‘Meet Your Councillor’ stall at the Friends of Fairy Hill Park Autumn Fayre on September 4th and we are currently attending ‘Street Briefings’ jointly with our Police Safer Neighbourhood Team across the ward.

Improving our area, making it brighter and safer is very important to all your Conservative councillors, which      is why we have supported Councillor Eileen Glover with her campaign over the last 2 years to improve New    Eltham Village.  Councillor Glover has arranged public meetings with local authority officers in attendance, surveyed local shop keepers and sought the opinions of local residents groups. 

Councillor Glover has managed to secure a number of improvements which include the replanting of a       number of trees and planting around the bases; the campaign continues and further surveys are planned for    the coming months.

Your team in Coldharbour, New Eltham and Mottingham will continue to support Councillor Glover with these improvements as many of our residents use the shops and facilities in New Eltham.  We also hope to extend   the concept to Mottingham Village and actively seek resident’s views and opinions in relation to this.

If you would like to get involved in improving your area, please contact your local councillors:

Cllr John Hills – 020 8319 4179 or 07502 436 016

Cllr Mandy Brinkhurst – 020 8921 5663 or 07507 859 203

Cllr Neil Dickinson - 07943 332 028