The scandal of Transport for London

Recent information has revealed that, in order to boost its finances, TfL has committed itself to an increase in fares of £81 million.

At the same time, it has emerged that TfL has provided a total of 109,946 Zone 1-6 Oyster Cards - these are free to the people receiving them (and give them free travel around London for 12 months) but are paid for by the tax-payer to the tune of £168,437,272.

An absolutely staggering 93,083 of these people are not even employed by TfL, meaning that £142,603,156 of tax-payers’ money is spent subsidising people who have no direct input into the capital’s transport system, whilst at the same time the rest of London has to pay for a huge fare increase.

Greenwich & Lewisham Conservative GLA candidate, Gareth Bacon, said:

"It is outrageous that Londoners should subsidise to such an extent the travel perks of TfL.

How can it be right that over £140 million is deprived from the fare box by people with complimentary travel cards yet the rest of London's travelling public has to pay fare rises way above inflation to raise an extra £80 million?"