School closure is short-term panicked decision

From Spencer Drury, PPC for Greenwich & Woolwich

Conservative Leader questions Labour decision to close Charlotte Turner School
CONSERVATIVES have questioned a decision by Greenwich council to close Charlotte Turner Primary School in Deptford.
The school which had just been declared inadequate and in need of special measures by OFSTED, has 238 pupils who will  now have to be placed in other schools around Greenwich and Lewisham.
Leader of the Conservative Group and Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich and Woolwich Cllr Spencer Drury said “I am concerned at what appears to be a panicked, short-term decision by the council.
"Charlotte Turner school has struggled with numbers for some time. This means some years have two forms, while others have one form and some have one and a half. This has made it hard for the school to plan ahead.
"In addition, the council admits it will need a school on the site in a few years time because of increase in population and so closure seems an expensive option which avoids rather than solves both  the short and long-term problems.
"Moreover, its rate of improvement is faster than the borough's average at KS2, and according to the latest league tables (see notes to editors) there are three schools in the Borough that are rated worse than it. Does this mean Labour is going to close them as well?
Finally, and most importantly, this decision should be in the best interests of the pupils at Charlotte Turner and I am concerned that the plan is to shift many of them to another school – Morden Mount - which has been named by OFSTED as needing to improve. Jamming pupils from one failing school into another one which is struggling, sounds like a recipe for disaster.
"Conservatives would try to stabilise the school with one form entry and copy other successful schools in the area (based in Lewisham). This would be the cost effective, and responsible decision which would bring long term benefits to the area and help existing students to improve."