Greenwich & Woolwich select Craig for Parliament

Greenwich & Woolwich Conservatives have chosen Alistair Craig, 27, who currently works for a major accounting firm in the City of London, to represent them at the next general election.  Alistair is currently a prominent Conservative activist in Wimbledon.

Alistair was chosen following a selection process which was open to every member of Greenwich & Woolwich Conservative Association.  His selection was unanimously adopted at a meeting last night.

Commenting on his selection, Alistair said: “I am delighted to have been given the chance to represent the Conservative Party here in Greenwich & Woolwich.  I believe that, like myself, local people in Greenwich & Woolwich, and indeed across the rest of London, have has enough of this Labour Government’s failure to deliver.  We have all seen our taxes, especially council tax, rise dramatically in recent years, but I have yet to find anyone who believes that public services have dramatically improved. 

"Nick Raynsford, the Labour MP in Greenwich & Woolwich, who is also Minister for London and Local Government Minister, must take the blame for this mess in this area.  I fully intend to mount a vigorous, locally-based campaign to expose the failings of Nick Raynsford and the rest of his Labour colleagues, and win Greenwich & Woolwich for the Conservatives as part of a wider Conservative revival in the rest of the country”.