Q: When is a school building programme not a school building programme?

From Spencer Drury, PPC for Greenwich & Woolwich

Ans: When it is in Greenwich
CONSERVATIVES in Greenwich revealed today the level of deception and incompetence in the Labour run council after it has delayed the construction of new schools in the “Building Schools for the Future” (BSF) programme.
Despite Labour claiming they have started work on the new schools, nothing has happened. According to the government, every other authority in Phase One of the BSF programme, has built at least one school and some have finished all of their schools.
Greenwich Labour council promised that these five new schools would be open in the autumn of this year, but the programme is already massively behind schedule and a brick hasn’t been laid.   The only thing Labour has done is put up a hoarding at Thomas Tallis which hides the fact that no building is happening behind it.
Adding to the problems in Greenwich is the fact that the council has delayed so long that it may not now be able to afford to build all the schools and is focusing instead on Thomas Tallis and Crown Woods. A report to the Labour Cabinet (labelled urgent) on 14th April 2009, stated “Commencement of construction prior to the end of April is essential to the completion of these schools during the 2010/2011 Academic Year”.
Greenwich Conservatives have now established that after the report, apart from the erection of a hoarding on the site of Thomas Tallis, there appears to be no building work happening.  Behind the hoarding, the site has not been cleared.
Leader of Greenwich Conservatives Cllr Spencer Drury said: “There is something badly wrong when the Council can’t manage to even start building one new school in Greenwich and most others have completed and opened at least one. 
  “Labour claim they have started construction yet the only thing they have done, which they called urgent, is to erect a hoarding around Thomas Tallis (which conveniently hides the lack of work behind it), paint the hoarding in Greenwich Council colours and not even clear the site to start work.   
“I feel this is deceitful and disrespectful to the people of Greenwich. The education of hundreds of children is being put at risk by the incompetence of this council. Labour is intent on borrowing even more money – jus like the government. Labour can’t be trusted with the education of our children and we need to get rid of them at every level of government.”