The truth about Mayor Livingstone

Since Ken Livingstone’s election in May 2000 Londoners have seen:

  • An 82% increase in the Council Tax precept;
  • Such poor accounting that in 2005/06 the Transport for London budget will be in deficit to the tune of £563 million;
  • A completely unsustainable rate of bus subsidy that will rise to £1,105.4 million in 2008/09;
  • A congestion charge that is crippling small businesses within the zone, whilst making almost zero profit for public transport improvements;
  • A complete failure in his negotiations with the Government to get back any of the £20 billion extra London gives the Treasury in tax revenue than we receive back;
  • Millions wasted on failed court bids concerning the PPP contracts;
  • An enormous growth in bureaucrats at City Hall.

There is only one answer to this appalling record - kick him out on June 10th