Conservatives Attack Council’s ‘Top-Heavy’ Jobs Scheme

From Spencer Drury, PPC for Greenwich & Woolwich

CONSERVATIVES in Greenwich this week attacked Labour’s plans to spend £1million on management and supervision for its new jobs scheme
Greenwich’s Labour Cabinet decided recently to spend more than £4 million on creating 250 jobs, but retained £1million of it for management and supervision and a further £3/4 million for contingency funds.
This means that each job costs £17,200 to provide in wages, and £4,160 to manage it. If Greenwich managed the scheme from existing resources another 60 posts would be available. Furthermore, if the £0.77 million contingency was allocated to job creation – an extra 44 jobs could be created.
Leader of Greenwich Conservatives Spencer Drury said “Everyone would welcome this initiative to increase employment at a time when Labour’s vandalism of the economy nationally has hit home. However, this is yet again a missed opportunity. Greenwich could be creating an extra 104 posts but this project is weighed down with extras.  The Labour Council should focus on job creation and training rather than excessive management.
“In my opinion, Greenwich Council’s plans are simply putting party politics before people by using the money to prop up their ailing and inefficient Cleansweep service in the year before an election. Labour should be helping people to develop long term vocational skills which will allow them to access careers in the future rather than being unskilled workforce on the cheap.”
The basic facts about this story are:-

  1. The Council has allocated £7m from the government’s Working Neighbourhood Initiative to support the creation of 250 jobs through the ‘Greenwich Local Labour Initiative’. Of the £7m only £4.3m are being spent on wages, whereas £1.04m is being allocated to management and supervision and £0.77m to a contingency.
  2. Greenwich Time (which ran the story before the decision had been made) states that “The work includes removal of graffiti, street-sweeping and clearing litter, weed control and gritting. Training will be provided where necessary.” (Page 1, Greenwich Time, 21st July 2009).