Labour Sets Targets For Greenwich Kids To Get More Obese

From Spencer Drury, PPC for Greenwich & Woolwich

(And fails to set targets to get more children involved in sport)
CONSERVATIVES have dubbed as “stupidity” a decision by Labour to fight obesity among children by setting itself targets that actually see obesity RISE each year. .
A report showed obesity rates among primary school children have already risen in Greenwich. But Conservatives were baffled to see that Labour is planning for that to rise even further. It will mean about a quarter of our primary school children will eventually leave school as obese.
At a Children and Young People Scrutiny Panel Meeting members discussed a new report which showed that 1% of children at Reception age had got fatter in Greenwich in the last year and obesity among students in Year 6 had risen by more than 1%
Labour then set itself targets that will see more children classed as obese over the next three years.   For example, the targets rise from 10% of Reception age children in 2008/9 to 10.5% in 2010/11. Meanwhile at the same meeting, Greenwich did not even SET the targets aimed at increasing young people and children participating in sport.
At the meeting Conservative Group leader and Parliamentary candidate for Greenwich and Woolwich Spencer Drury was the only councillor to question the targets and was told that Labour were simply trying to ‘reduce the increase’ of obesity in our children.
Cllr Drury said “I am stunned by the stupidity of these targets. What is the point in setting targets for kids to get fatter – even if that is less of an increase than the year before? It is ridiculous. I raised this nearly two years ago and yet nothing has changed. 
“As far as I’m concerned this seems to suggest that there is nothing to be done about our children getting fatter. But why doesn’t Labour set a target to increase the number of football, rugby or cricket pitches? This is not like King Canute trying to hold back the tide – we can improve exercise and diet amongst our children.
“Maybe the way our children can get fitter is to pick up the enormous volumes of pointless paperwork that this council produces and carry it to the shredder!”