A responsible approach to our oceans

From Spencer Drury, PPC for Greenwich & Woolwich

As a long-term member of Friends of the Earth, your parliamentary candidate Spencer Drury writes  “There are so many environmental challenges facing our society, so I decided to address one of the less discussed – the damage trawling is doing to our seabeds and fish stocks.
28% of fish stocks globally are on the point of collapse and trawling is turning the sea around Britain into a desert – only military harbours does marine life flourish. At the same time our fishermen are struggling to make a living.
The EU’s Common Fisheries Policy is a rare example of a policy which could be dealt with at a European level. However, it is ineffective in dealing with overfishing and does not enforce quotas on some of the larger fishing fleets. If we do not deal with this problem now, future generations may find fishstocks have been destroyed.
As an MP I would campaign against overfishing and fight for a better way of catching fish, which will  limit the damage to their populations and the seabed.”