Eltham select Drury for Parliament

Eltham Conservatives last night voted overwhelmingly to select Spencer Drury, a local teacher and councillor for Eltham North, as their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC).  Spencer was born and brought up in the area, and lives in Eltham with his wife and two children. 

He told Consservative members how he felt passionately that Eltham deserved better public services and more police.  He felt that Labour had failed Eltham at every level.

After the reult he said: "I am pleased and honoured to be selected as the Conservative PPC for Eltham.  The Labour MP will now have to fight on Labour's record, which we know is appalling.  The key issue of this campaign will be Labour's failure to deliver on public services despite increased taxation and spending.  They have simply not delivered for the people of Eltham."