Burger King Site – Five Ways A 20

On the 24th June 2010 an application went to the Planning Board for conditional planning permission for the demolition of the old ‘Crossways’ public house, now Burger King, and  to construct a 62 room hotel, bar and restaurant on the site.

Your councillors were contacted by a number of local residents requesting their support in opposing the application based on the possibility of severe impact on the traffic at this very busy road junction.

All three councillors opposed the application in writing and Cllr John Hills and Neil Dickinson attended the planning meeting and spoke on behalf of residents.  Conditional planning permission was granted, full details can be found on Greenwich’s website:


Part of the decision included the ‘Crossways’ public house sign shall be retained following the demolition of the existing building on the site and shall be on public display as part of the development.

Whilst all three councillors will closely monitor developments on this site, they are hopeful that impact on the community will be of a positive nature such as employment opportunities.