Phone Mast application in - we want to hear from residents

This week Waldon Telecom, on behalf of Telefonica O2, have submitted their planning application for a 12.5 metre phone mast and cabinet on the corner of Court Road and Middle Park Avenue.  The application is now undergoing a public consultation.

Following a public meeting held by Cllr Matt Clare prior to the applicatioon going in, and the strength of feeling shown by local residents against the proposals, your Eltham South councillors want to hear from you and for residents to submit their views on the proposals to Greenwich Council before the deadline for responses on 23 August.

Cllr Clare said, 'I am very concerned about these proposals, at the moment I cannot see why there is a need for further phone masts in the area, certainly the health issues surrounding the proliferation of masts is also a big concern and something that we shall be raising during this public consultation period.  I am also very disappointed that the company has not undertaken any real consultation with local residents before submitting these proposals.'

'Together with residents I shall be leading a campaign to try and prevent this mast going ahead, my fear is that the company see this as a easy touch and I hope that residents who don't want to see this go ahead, support the campa09ign by lodging their objections with  Alex Smith in the council's planning department.

Your Eltham South councillors are here to help you, if you would like further advice on submitting your views, please contact Cllr Matt Clare on or 07943 332 035