Burglaries rise in Eltham North

At this evening’s Eltham North Safer Neighbourhood Panel meeting, attended by local Councillor Spencer Drury, it was revealed that burglaries had risen sharply over the summer, peaking at ten in July, which was the highest this year. One panel member from the Progress Estate stated that there had been two burglaries in one week on Lovelace Green.


Other issues discussed by the panel included the problems with coaches dropping off students on Glenlea Road, anti-social behaviour in various different places around the ward and a number of prolific shop lifters operating on Eltham High Street. There remain real concerns over the behaviour of groups of youths in the blocks of flats at Sowerby, Strongbow and on Well Hall Road which are being addressed.   


On the positive side, the police team and Council officers had agreed a number of behaviour contracts with individuals to try to reduce anti-social behaviour and had reduced the number of problems with motorbikes on the Progress Estate. Discussions were also ongoing about introducing a dispersal zone around the High Street for when the local schools finished their day.


Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury said “There was a wide-ranging discussion on the issues which affect residents and there were a couple of points which I was really pleased with. The first is that the police team will stay in the police station rather than being moved to another venue on the High Street. I always feared this was a prelude to closing down our police station so I think this is really good news. In addition, the Eltham Town Centre Manager stated that she hoped that the Greyhound would soon be reopened as an Indian restaurant and bar. It would be great to see this wonderful building back in use.”