Update on Eltham Community Hospital

Your Eltham South councillors have been in contact with NHS Greenwich and its planners to get the latest update on the progress of the proposals for a new community hospital in Eltham.

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Following the community consultation events in June, the Project Team has told us that it 'is currently considering the comments provided by residents and will look at changes to the Hospital in order to meet certain aspirations.'  They have also said that the detailed changes made as a result of consultation with local residents, will be detailed in a briefing sent to all those who attended the exhibition.  A further exhibition for residents, detailing the changes will be held in mid September.


RPS, NHS Greenwich’s planning consultants, have also submitted a ‘Screening Opinion’ application to Greenwich Council, to see if an Environmental Impact Assessment will need to be carried out as part of the formal planning application which is expected at the end of September. 


This should highlight any key environmental issues that the new hospital needs to take into account in submitting its formal planning application, given that it borders a Conservation Area and surrounding residential properties.  Greenwich Council should have a response as to whether a more detailed statement of how NHS Greenwich may deal with these issues, within 3 weeks.


This application can be accessed at: