Residents talk - Does Labour listen?

The summer holidays may only just have begin, but Greenwich Conservatives have already been out and about for some time talking to residents this summer.  Greenwich Council's "Great Get-Together" events were held in three locations around the Borough during June and July, and Conservative Councillors were well represented at each.

Each event featured a "Talk Cafe" marquee where residents could meet their councillors, and post suggestions on display boards.  We spoke to many local people, and came away with a number of specific and general issues to take up on their behalf. 

Amongst the many comments we saw and noted down from the suggeston boards were:

  • "More Police foot patrols"
  • "Sweepers to follow the bin men- they make a mess."
  • "Greenwich Time newspaper in its present form brings the Council into disrepute.  Needs a fresh start."

Whether the Labour Council will actually listen to what people are telling them is, of course, another matter.