Transition Greenwich and Traffic Meeting about Greenwich Town Centre

On Tuesday 20th July, local Conservative representatives Ryan Acty (Greenwich West) and Malcolm Reid (Peninsula) attended the Transition Greenwich forum to discuss how best to balance the various transport, business, residential and visitor requirements of Greenwich Town Centre in terms of traffic management. The meeting was held in St Alfege’s Church Hall and was well attended by local residents, community groups and businesses.

The main agenda item was to discuss Greenwich Council’s plans to pedestrianise the town centre and implement the one-way gyratory scheme. It was apparent from the outset that the vast majority of attendees were against the proposed gyratory plan. Of note were representatives from the Greenwich Cyclists Group who were against the current proposals and various local residents expressed their concerns. It was admitted there could be a few benefits but there were very few. The outcome of the meeting was to make representations from that group to the Council.

The main reasons for concern that we could ascertain were:

·         the scheme appears to be purely to increase the speed of traffic through Greenwich and not take account local residents

·         it was felt that there would be an increase in “rat runs” in local streets of the gyratory scheme as residents look for alternative routes

·         the gyratory scheme in itself would cut off communities

·         from the current consultation it appears that re-routing of bus routes had not yet been established with Transport for London

·         The current scheme did not provide sensible cycle routes with cyclist being encourages to cycle through the proposed pedestriansed area and criss-cross main road on incomplete cycle routes

In addition, despite being invited no council officer turned up to discuss the proposals and none of the three labour Councillors were present either.

It is unclear whether the council will receive approval or funding from transport for London to implement this scheme. Your Conservative representatives opposed this current scheme and actively encouraged other proposals at the meeting such as increasing the frequency of “pedestrianisation on Sundays”. 

The Council have extended the consultation period of this scheme until 1 August and would encourage you to take part in the consultation.

Author:  Malcolm Reid, Peninsula Conservatives