Conservative councillors take action on proposed phone mast for Court Road


Your Conservative councillors in Eltham South have recently been made aware by Telephonica O2, of their proposal to install a mobile telecommunications base station (commonly known as a phone mast) on the corner of Middle Park Avenue and Court Road.

We currently understand that what is proposed is a 12.5 metre mast together with an equipment cabinet on the pavement next to it. Telephonica O2 has assured us that they will be undertaking a wider consultation of the local community.

No formal planning application has been submitted, however we strongly feel that you should be made aware as soon as possible so that you may consider the proposal. Your Conservative councillors have also sought further information and details on the proposed application from Telephonica O2, and we will ensure that residents are kept fully up to date on its progress.

Councillor Matt Clare would be very keen to hear your views by phone, email and he has organsied a meeting at the proposed site itself at 10am on Saturday 19th July, when we hope to have more information on the details of the proposals.