Labour elected on a false premise

Labour change manifesto after the elections.

Conservatives revealed today that Greenwich Labour rewrote their commitments to the electorate after the election in May.

In a document sent to full Council in June labelled ‘Summary of the Majority Party Manifesto’ the Labour Party claims to have been committed to ‘aiming to save £25m over the four year term’, gives no time for completing the third Council services centre in Greenwich except ‘later on’ and aims to conduct a ‘review of housing allocations policy’. Unfortunately, this document bears little resemblance to the Labour Party manifesto which was published on the Greenwich and Woolwich Labour Party website at prior to the elections.

There was no discussion on the manifesto at the Council and Labour Councillors seemed unaware that they had stood on a programme of cuts.

Blackheath Westcombe Councillor Alex Wilson said “I am shocked at the level of deceit that the Labour Party considers absolutely normal. They made all sorts of claims prior to the elections and made little effort to let the public know what they were standing for. Now they have changed their manifesto completely and included a range of pledges which they used to attack Conservatives for prior to the elections. The idea that Labour included in their manifesto a pledge to cut £25m is laughable, but they accused the Conservatives of wanting to make these cuts. In Eltham, they ran an outrageous campaign of smear and accusations about Conservatives taking away tenants rights to a secure tenancy and now reveal that there would be a review of housing policy which would logically look at this issue.” 

“I believe that Labour say one thing in private and quite another in public, however, I have never seen this made so clear in one document. They published a public manifesto prior to the elections and now we have their private one being implemented. They clearly have no respect for the electorate and little intention of being honest about their policies before people cast their votes.”

“In my opinion Labour remain a party of deceit and the way they attacked the cuts made by the Coalition government in Council on Wednesday without mentioning that at least 80% of them would have been made by a Labour government anyway showed the immaturity and deception with which they intend to approach the next 5 years.”