Labour reject Conservative proposal to support Eltham’s small shops

CONSERVATIVES have condemned a decision by Greenwich Council Labour Councillors, to vote unanimously against supporting small shops in the Eltham area.    At full council (Wednesday 1st June) the Conservative’s put forward a motion, asking the Eltham Regeneration Agency to investigate the idea of creating an internet shopping facility for small shops and business in the Eltham area (including New Eltham and the Tudor Parade). Conservatives explained that the idea of allowing local shoppers to order over the internet and have deliveries to their homes from local, independent traders could help many businesses to survive the current difficult economic times.   However, Labour attacked the proposal, suggesting it was too much money and implying that they would withdraw the money allocated for Eltham (having spent only £70,000 out of £1m allocated in the first year).   Leader of Greenwich Conservatives and Eltham Councillor Spencer Drury said “I was saddened that Labour Councillors failed to support Eltham or our proposals. We were trying to think of creative ways of preserving local businesses and maintaining employment, but all Labour could do was play party politics and attack the Conservative party.   “Of course the truth is that the national coalition cuts are the result of Labour’s mismanagement of the economy and I was shocked at how Labour Councillors simply ignored this fact.    “It will be supremely cynical if, having allocated £1m to support Eltham before the election, they now withdraw it. If they do this, it will not be forgotten by residents in the south of the borough. It is a cynical political move which shows that Labour deceives to try and win votes.” 

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