Friars Mews environmental haven saved from the bulldozers

  Eltham North Conservatives celebrated this week as the Planning Inspectorate rejected plans to build homes on an environmental haven adjacent to a sheltered housing development in Friars Mews.   The original application to build housing on land which is adjacent to the sheltered housing in Friars Mews was rejected by Greenwich Council’s planning department but the developer Anglia Homes appealed to the Planning Inspectorate to try and overturn the decision. In his decision, the Inspector, who had visited the site, stated that the supply of open land in Eltham and the detrimental effect of the buildings on the living conditions of the elderly residents of Friars Mews were the key reasons for rejecting the appeal.   The decision was particularly welcomed by Eltham North ward Councillors Spencer Drury and Dermot Poston who had written to the Planning Inspectorate to object to the plans as part of a long running campaign to the development.    Spencer said “I am so pleased that this decision went in our favour as many of the residents of Friars Mews were deeply concerned by the likely disruption of traffic coming through their quiet close. Both Friars Mews and this land are havens which I hope can be sustained in the long-term now that this appeal is out of the way.”   “The Planning Inspector also awarded costs against Anglia Homes which I hope helps Greenwich Council overcome its timidity when facing down developers.”  The relevant planning inspectorate site is   The photo shows (left to right) Cllr Dermot Poston, local resident Margaret Gardener and Cllr Spencer Drury discussing the application.