Eltham at War


Eltham North councillor Nigel Fletcher visited Eltham Palace at the weekend for the "Eltham at War" event, organised by English Heritage.  The weekend of World War II themed events included 1940s period military displays, parachute landings and themed stalls, as well as tours of the Palace, which was used by the Army for 50 years.   Councillor Fletcher, pictured with a Winston Churchill impersonator, said:   "With Armed Forces Day coming up this week, it's particularly appropriate to remember the huge debt we owe to previous generations of soldiers and civilians who sacrificed so much to keep Britain free 70 years ago.  It is also a reminder of the heroic service our forces continue to give today in Afghanistan.   "Eltham has a rich history, and it was great to see lots of families enjoying the activities at Eltham Palace this year, following on from the hugely successful Henry VIII-themed events last year. "