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Greenwich Market Saved

From Spencer Drury, PPC for Greenwich & Woolwich

Catching up with crime

From Spencer Drury, PPC for Greenwich & Woolwich

Canvassing on the Coldbath Estate

Last weekend Spencer joined Greenwich West Conservatives - including Mary Harries (third from left) and Simon Gallie (fifth from left) - as they canvassed opinion on the Coldbath Estate.  In particular, Conservatives asked about the building of new homes on the site of old garages (shown in the picture behind the group) which had been agreed but where residents seemed not to have been consulted.  In general there appeared to be widespread support for the idea, although there were people concerned about parking, about the lack of a community centre and who would be allocated the home

Shocking numbers needing emergency dental treatment across Greenwich

From Spencer Drury, PPC for Greenwich & Woolwich

New official figures expose consequences of lack of access to NHS dentists


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