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News from around Blackheath Westcombe

An update from Blackheath Westcombe Conservative Councillor Rhodri Harris.

Cuts to grass cutting


Rhodri Harris has complained to the Council about the failure of Cleansweep to keep the grass cut in housing estates throughout the ward during the summer.


Action plan unveiled to tackle pensions crisis

A Government-commissioned report has forecast  that 12 million people face poverty in later life because they are not saving enough. The report comes amid growing concern in Greenwich about pensioners’ ability to get by – especially in the context of soaring local taxes. Greenwich Conservatives have backed a national action plan to tackle the growing pensions crisis, including helping pension ‘wind-up’ victims.

Finish the job!

Over a year ago, with much self congratulation, the Council refurbished the Heathkeeper’s Lodge outside Greenwich Park.  The money for

What future for Severndroog Castle?

Sevemdroog Castle in Shooters' Hill Woods, came third in its heat of the BBC’s Restoration programme this summer.  This means it will

No Labour apology over Hornfair Lido fiasco

Earlier this year, Greenwich Council decided to close Hornfair Lido on health and safety grounds.  It had been known for a year that

Time for less talk and more action from your government

Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Greenwich & Woolwich,  Alistair Craig, welcomed and endorsed the series of polici

News from around Eltham North

An update from the Eltham North Conservative Councillors - Spencer Drury, Dermot Poston and Douglas Ellison.


Conservatives would halt special constable decline

Alistair Craig, Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Greenwich & Woolwich, today pointed to newly published governme

Lib Dem tax sting exposed

Alistair Craig, Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Greenwich & Woolwich, this week attacked proposals by the Liberal Democrats f

London commuters let down by Livingstone

Conservatives have accused Ken Livingstone of exploiting Londoners "as his personal piggy bank" after the Mayor announced a big rise in bus and Tube fares. Rush hour bus journeys will go up 20 per cent in the New Year, and Tube passengers also face increases above the rate of inflation, raising an expected £150 million in additional revenue to help plug the huge hole in the Mayor's transport budget.


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