Delivering leaflets

This is probably the easiest thing, anyone who wants to help can do. It is almost going for a nice walk and just posting a few leaflets on the way - good for the constitution!  We do try and get leaflets out to most wards at least three times a year just to ensure they know what is going on and how hard we are actually working on their behalf.

We do know if we don't make sure that the constituents know it was the Conservatives that fixed the pavement, got rid of the dog fouling problem or even made sure their beautiful buildings weren't knocked down by greedy developers then someone else may pretend it was them. We do campaign long and hard for our constituents we don't let someone else do it and just take the glory and it is the leafleting that ensures people actually know the truth.

Due to the size of the Borough this can be one of the hardest things we have to achieve on a regular basis but with the right help and support it should be the easiest of all.

So if you can deliver a street or two and would like to help then please contact us and someone will contact you to explain what to do.