Public Meeting - Oliver Letwin MP - English Votes for English Laws?

Monday, 19 January, 2015 - 19:00 to 20:00

Should MPs from Scotland be able to vote on laws which affect only England? 

This question has become more relevant since the Scottish Referendum as many more areas of policy for Scotland will be decided only in Edinburgh.  However, when David Cameron raised the fact policy in England could be decided by people it would have no effect on (Scottish MPs) the Labour Party refused to discuss this with him and the Guardian described it as ‘kneejerk absurdity’.

Oliver Letwin (MP for West Dorset) was appointed to the Cabinet in 2014 as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and is coming to Eltham prior to the election to discuss this important issue with local residents - all are invited and entry is free.

Arrangements are:


Date:  Monday 19th January 2015

Time:  7pm to 8pm

Venue:  Colfeians Sport Club (Horn Park), Eltham Road, Lee, SE12 8UE (entrance opposite Weigall Road)