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Eltham South councillor helps out during PCC elections

Eltham South councillor Adam Thomas recently helped Conservative colleagues in the recent PCC in which the party won the highest number of new Police and Crime Commissioners - Adam is pictured speaking to voters about their concerns on crime and anti-social behaviour.

Conservatives stand up for Avery Hill residents on garden grab

Eltham South Conservatives Adam Thomas and Eileen Glover attended a Planning Inquiry meeting this week, to stand up for residents living on Avery Hill Road who had raised concerns about the potential of a garden grab development behind 182-184 Avery Hill Road.

Council leaves Eltham Town Centre without successful dispersal zone

Eltham Town Centre has been left without its successful anti-crime dispersal zone after Labour failed to renew it. After questions from Conservative Councillor Spencer Drury, it appeared that despite a request from the police to renew the initiative, the Labour party missed the deadline; Labour councillors did not however, miss the deadline to renew a dispersal zone in Woolwich.

Eltham community comes together on Remembrance Day

At Sunday's Remembrance Day parade in Eltham, all sections of the community came together to remember member of the British and Commonwealth's armed forces who have died during conflicts. With Armistice Day also being remembered today, the crowds were as large as always.

Avery Hill car wash development back on the table

Eltham South councillors have been informed that the owners of the Avery Hill car wash have submitted yet another application to redevelop the site, following the closure of the hand car wash that has operated on the site over the last 18 months.

Eltham South Conservatives secure funding for Avery Hill road safety

Eltham South councillors Matt Clare and Adam Thomas have secured council funding for a feasibility study for road safety measures on Avery Hill Road and Bexley Road.

Labour votes to cut affordable housing on Grove Market development

The controversial Grove Market development was back at Planning Board last Thursday, as the developer sought permission to reduce the amount of affordable housing it had agreed to provide as part of the development in October 2011.

Greenwich Labour choose unions over schools

In a reform to school funding to be agreed by Greenwich Council’s Cabinet on Wednesday night, the Labour Councillors will almost certainly nod through a decision to allocate thousands of pounds, which should be going to schools, to Trade Unions instead.

Delay and obfuscation over Eltham Parking charges scheme

After an unaccepatably long delay, a Greenwich Council response to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request by Eltham Councillor Spencer Drury has refused to reveal key facts on the parking scheme being introduced in the High Street.

Parks in chaos as Council cheats to hit ‘Green Flag’ target

Greenwich Conservatives today raised concerns over the Council’s planning and spending on parks across the borough as the website ‘Greenwich.co.uk’ revealed that the Labour Council had cheated to claim that 13 parks across the borough had reached ‘Green Flag’ status when in fact only ten had done so.


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