Eltham South

New application for Olde Greyhound pub

A new planning application has been submitted to redevelopment Ye Olde Greyhound pub on Eltham High Street.  The proposals are to change the building into a Masala Cottage Indian Restaurant.  The proposals include creating a new restaurant on the ground floor and staff accommodation on the first floor.

Grove Market application goes ahead despite resident concerns

The new application to build over 70 flats, a 80 bed hotel and supermarket on the Grove Market site has received approval from Labour councillors on the Planning Board.

Conservative government frees Council from target-driven strait-jacket

At the Overview and Scrutiny meeting on Thursday evening (10th March), Conservative Councillors welcomed the end to many of the targets which the previous Labour government had set to measure the efficiency of Councils.

Conservative councillor leads campaign to keep Eltham South tidy

Conservative councillor Matt Clare is leading a campaign to keep Eltham South ward tidy. On regular ward walks he has already identified problem areas such as the bus stop on Court Road , Messeter Place and Elm Terrace behind shops on Eltham High Street.

Getting a fair deal for Eltham residents on Highways

Conservative councillors were out in force last week to protect the interest of Eltham residents at the council’s Highways Committee.

Eltham South councillor speaks to local Cub Scout Group

 Cllr Adam Thomas recently visited the Eltham Cub Scout Group based on Footscray Road.

The Cubs talked about the work they were undertaking as part of their Community Challenge badge as well as the work that they do in the local community.

 Cllr Thomas said, “The work that the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts do in Eltham is great and long may it continue.”

Conservative councillors help to prevent inappropriate development on Avery Hill

 Conservative councillors in Eltham South have successfully supported residents in opposing two proposed developments on Avery Hill. In both cases councillors felt that the proposals being put forward were inappropriate for the local area, and have welcomed the decision by Greenwich Council to refuse planning permission for both schemes.

Another accident on Court Road

Eltham South councillor and Court Road resident Matt Clare, highlights another recent accident on Court Road, this time damage to the fencing near the coach park entrance of Eltham Palace

First Resident Meeting on Greenwich University Village Shop

Eltham South councillors Adam Thomas and Eileen Glover recently attended the first meeting for residents living on Avery Hill Road regarding Greenwich University Students' Union Village Shop.

Report back on January's Council Meeting

The January Council meeting felt a lot like the calm before the storm as the proposed Council budget is bought before members in the next month (or so, as the date keeps being shifted).  There were serious items on the agenda and some which were relatively uncontroversial. 



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