Eltham North

No money for Eltham High Street

It was revealed on Wednesday that the new Eltham Town Centre Manager, Alison Harris, has been allocated no money to help improve the High Street.  Despite Council boasts in their press releases when Ms Harris was appointed in December that:-

What democracy in Greenwich?

Review of the Year

The fact that the Conservative Party now control a quarter of the seats on the Council was ignored by Labour once the elections were over.

They refused to appoint Conservatives to chair any of the committees which are supposed to check on what the Labour Cabinet is doing.

Paperwork better than delivery in Housing

The system that Labour's Greenwich Council uses to allocate housing to residents has been given one star out of three.  The review was conducted by the independent Audit Commission which stated that there were weaknesses in Greenwich in:-

Eltham North Committee hard at work

The last meeting of the Eltham North Committee which did so well in the 2006 Council Elections


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