Eltham North

Christmas Fayre at the Well Hall Pleasaunce

On Saturday Cllr Spencer Drury visited the Christmas Fayre in the Tudor Barn at the Well Hall Pleasaunce.

Lorry problems on Castlewood Drive

Residents of Castlewood Drive recently expressed their concerns to Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury about the number of lorries attempting to negotiate their narrow, steep and winding road. It appears that the lorries travel up Westmount Road to the width restriction by the old Welcome Inn site and then cannot turn round.

Eltham Centre machinery still affecting Blunts Road

Part of the job of a Councillor is to ask questions in full Council of Cabinet members. It is hoped that a question will highlight an issue of importance and find out what the Council is doing to address that issue.

Council agrees planning permission for the Coronet

At a Planning Board meeting tonight (Thursday 30th October 2008) Co

Dinner with the Deputy Mayor of London

In October the Deputy Mayor of London Ian Clement visited Eltham North to attend a dinner.  Ian was joined by Leader of the Opposition on Greenwich Council Cllr Spencer Drury (left) and GLA member and Bexley Councillor Gareth Bacon (right).

Labour fly the gravy plane to Beijing

Greenwich’s Labour Council flew six people (including two Councillors) business class to see the Olympic Games in Beijing last month at a cost of £14,000 to Council taxpayers.

Archery Road residents appeal to GLA member

On Wednesday (23rd July) GLA assembly member Gareth Bacon joined Eltham North ward Councillo

Movement on Lidls and Co-op

There have been some recent changes to the situation with two of the largest sites on Eltham High Street.

Greenwich schools face closure

The National Challenge launched by the Labour government has left at least four Greenwich secondary schools facing closure if their exam results don’t improve.

Labour choose propaganda over services

CONSERVATIVES have called on Labour to come clean about exactly how much it spends on its newsletter Greenwich Time as the council starts delivering it weekly. There has been no public statement about the extra cost of delivering 48 issues to every household in the borough and it was not specifically approved as part of the Council’s budget.


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