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Friars Mews environmental haven saved from the bulldozers

  Eltham North Conservatives celebrated this week as the Planning Inspectorate rejected plans to build homes on an environmental haven adjacent to a sheltered housing development in Friars Mews.

Councillor attends consultation on future for Eltham Baths

On Friday, Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury attended the consultation displaying the plans for the Eltham Baths site.

The plans include flats and houses mainly intended for shared ownership.  In addition there were plans for flats to be allocated specifically for older people. 

Eltham at War


Local Councillor attends street party in Glenhouse Road

Residents of Glenhouse Road in Eltham enjoyed the summer sunshine this afternoon as they held a street party.   The event was run and organised by residents but had originally attracted a £430 charge from Greenwich Council for the road closure process. Residents contacted their local Eltham North Ward Councillors and Spencer Drury spoke with Council Officers on their behalf. As a result of Spencer’s conversations with Council officers, the £430 fee was waived.  

Conservatives welcome extra police for Eltham High Street

Conservatives welcomed news that two extra police officers have been assigned to Eltham High Street, which should allow officers from the Eltham North Safer Neighbourhood Team to spend more time dealing with issues in that ward.   A key pledge in the Conservative Manifesto for Council elections was to put in place police teams in Eltham and Greenwich Town Centres and following a request by Chairman of the Safer Neighbourhood Panel, Mr Terry Powley, confirmation was given by the police that they would be allocating extra officers to the High Street.

Reporting Back – Free tickets to the O2 and young mums don’t listen to Council shock!

Last night saw the first Overview and Scrutiny meeting since the Council elections. In theory this committee is the main body for scrutiny in the Council, but frequently its agenda is so dry that nothing of any great importance is revealed.   

Cllr Drury meets with residents of Sowerby Close

On Thursday morning Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury met with residents of Sowerby Close and Council Officers to discuss a number of on-going issues. Those raised with Spencer and the Council Officers included:-

Eltham Regeneration Agency: "Expensive PR exercise"

ELTHAM North Conservative Councillor, Spencer Drury, has dubbed the Eltham Regeneration

Improving Sowerby Close

Eltham North Councillor Dermot Poston has held meetings with residents of Sowerby Close to discuss the installation of cameras around the foyer area. Dermot met initially with resident representatives Terry Liddle & Stuart Blakely and subsequently held a further meeting in the Age Concern centre.


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