Conservatives concerned over Charlton Church Lane post office

Charlton Conservative James Garry attended the Woolwich & Thamesmead Planning & Environment Committee to monitor the Committee's decision on the development of Charlton Church Lane post office to accommodate flats above the Post Office.  The meeting took place on the 3rd of March 2010.

The council fails to keep Charlton's streets clean

Residents from all over Charlton have consistently raised concerns to their Charlton Conservative Team (Richard Shackleton, Louis McLean-Wait and James Garry) over the inability of the Labour council and their cleaning company, Cleansweep, to keep streets clean.

Charlton residents' anger as council fails to treat snow (again)

Yet another failure of the Council to deal properly with the January snowfall caused anger and concern among Charlton residents.  In 2009, the Council bizarrely resorted to gritting the streets of Greenwich with broken glass.  In January 2010, they had not improved on the previous year's debacle, failing to treat the hillier pedestrian areas of Charlton. 

Lido shambles continues

After the Council's failure to agree to public pressure to reopen the Lido earlier this Summer, Cllr Graeme Coombes sought a meeting with Council Officers to clarify the situation. This meeting raised more questions than it answered, and despite the closure, no work is taking place at the Lido with no prospect of anything happening in the near future.

Conservatives meet Charlton’s police team

Local Conservatives met with Charlton's Safer Neighbourhood Team to discuss antisocial behaviour problems in and around Charlton Station.

104 jobs lost to fat cats

Greenwich Council has been allocated £7m to boost employment in the Borough. But Labour chose to use £4m to create 250 new positions lasting just one year. Of the remaining £3m, over half went on management and contingency fees. This means every new job has cost £17,200 to create and a further £4,160 to manage.

Anti-social behaviour problems

Greenwich Conservatives have discovered a substantial fall-off in the number of ASBOs issued in the Borough - down 65% to just six in 2008/09.

Greenwich Market Saved

In August, the Council’s Planning Board unanimously rejected plans to redevelop Greenwich Market by ripping up the cobbles, replacing a range of historic buildings with a modern bog-standard 5-storey hotel - completely out of character with the rest of historic Greenwich.

Conservatives lead protest over Lido summer closure

Greenwich Conservatives have expressed anger at the Labour Council’s decision to close  Hornfair Lido for the school summer holidays. In July, local Conservatives, led by Parliamentary Candidate Spencer Drury presented a petition to Council and called for the reopening of the Lido for August – a call rejected by Charlton’s Labour Councillors.

Spencer visits Charlton Lido

During the Summer, when the Lido was closed to the public, Cllr Spencer Drury (Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich and Woolwich) visited the Blackheath based swimming club which used the pool on a regular basis.


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