Conservatives attend Charlton NHS Consultation

Local Conservatives attend Charlton NHS Consultation by Thomas Turrell On Monday 3rd December, Deputy Chairman of Greenwich Conservatives, Thomas Turrell and Gemma Robinson attended the consultation meeting on South London NHS trust’s proposals from the Special Administrator. The Trust Special Administrator was called in July 2012 following the news it was losing £1 million pounds every day. This dramatic overspending could not go on.

Greenwich Labour decide wealthy should be able to stay in Council housing

In a response to government proposals to force wealthy Council tenants to either pay market rents or move, Greenwich’s Labour Council has argued that high earners should not be forced to pay proper rents as it will reduce their disposable income.

Parks in chaos as Council cheats to hit ‘Green Flag’ target

Greenwich Conservatives today raised concerns over the Council’s planning and spending on parks across the borough as the website ‘’ revealed that the Labour Council had cheated to claim that 13 parks across the borough had reached ‘Green Flag’ status when in fact only ten had done so.

Olympic road closures for Greenwich announced

The organisers of the London Olympics have made public the expected sets of road closure across the capital for each day of the games. 

Thanksgiving Service to celebrate the life of Spencer Perceval (ex-Conservative Prime Minister)

Saturday, 12 May, 2012 - 15:00

To celebrate the life of


Privy Counsellor, Member of Parliament and First Lord of the Treasury


as well as civic life and community engagement in Royal Greenwich.



 at 3.00pm

Invitations available from

Hornfair Park shows Greenwich Labour’s neglect

Local residents will have noticed that the Council opened a new BMX track at Hornfair Park at the start of September; however, Greenwich Conservatives Leader Councillor Spencer Drury writes that the park tells visitors much more about what is wrong with Labour’s policy for parks around our borough. 

Plans for Hornfair Lido sink without trace

The Labour Council’s plans for a £10m investment in the Charlton Lido lay in tatters this week after Greenwich Conservatives Leader Spencer Drury forced them to admit in public that the development would not go ahead as planned.

Labour makes tenants suffer a long, cold winter

Labour tenants waiting for decent homes upgrades had to suffer during the recent long, cold winter. Residents reported to Charlton's conservative council candidates that they had waited so long for double-glazing that they had to use masking tape to exclude drafts in their single-glazed windows.

Conservatives protest over tennis courts

With the London Olympics around the corner, you would think that the Labour council would be making the most of its sports facilities. However, their track record at providing and maintaining facilities for young people interested in sport is woeful. Last summer, Labour did a disservice to Charlton's residents by closing the Lido unnecessarily.

Conservatives meet with police & residents

In January, Charlton’s Conservative team joined residents and the ward’s Safer Neighbourhood Team to discuss problems in the area. Issues raised included Lorries using residential roads, increased burglaries and anti-social behaviour. Residents of Eastcombe Avenue and Bramshot Avenue in particular are worried about the effects of large lorries using these streets to get to the car compound at the rear of Bramshot Avenue. Not only is Eastcombe Avenue used by lorries, it is also used as a rat-run.


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