Blackheath Westcombe

Your Conservative Councillor for Blackheath Westcombe ward is Councillor Geoff Brighty. 

Geoff's Advice Surgeries - no appointment necessary

1st Monday of the month, 6-7pm at Blackheath Library, Old Dover Road, SE3

3rd Saturday of the month, 10-11am at Mycenae House, Mycenae Road SE3

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You can keep up-to-date with the Geoff's work on social media, by liking our facebook page @BWConservatives and following us on twitter @BW_WardTeam

See below for news and updates from the Conservatives across our community: 

Are you getting the best from Greenwich Council?

The District Auditor’s Letter (2004-2005) stated “Overall costs are relatively high when compared with other London boroughs”. After 35 years of a Labour Council and 9 years of a Labour Government, this Councils services are poor. 


Failing our Children


Police Numbers Fall as Drug Crime Rises

A quick glance through the pages of Greenwich Time would give you the impression that our borough is becoming an increasingly safe place to live.  But the reality is that Violence against the person, Robbery, Burglary, and Gun Crime all rose from 2004 to 2005, and Drug Crime was up by a third across the borough.

Council Tax to Rise above Inflation

Labour is putting up Council Tax by nearly 4% this year, at a time when the

Conservatives Highlight Massive Increase in Train Crime

There has been a truly alarming rise in violent crime on trains in the past five years.

A new Leader, a new Approach

David Cameron’s election last year as leader of the Conservative

Local Survey identifies key concerns

A survey conducted by your local Conservative team has identified a number of issues w

Meet Your Local Conservative Team

The Conservative team currently working hard to highlight your concerns about crime, the c

Reduction in Police Constables under Labour

Newly published government figures show the number of special police constables employed by the Met has fallen by 57% since 1997. Special constables are voluntary uniformed police officers and assist regular police officers in frontline policing duties.

Cameron Leads the Way

Greenwich Conservatives would like to welcome David Cameron as the new leader of the Conservative party.  Th


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