Blackheath Westcombe

Your Conservative Council Candidates: Councillor Geoff Brighty, Malcolm Reid & Thomas Turrell. 

Remember you have 3 votes on the 3rd May. 

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Councillors Geoff Brighty and Alex Wilson at Greenwich Car Free Day

Councillors Geoff Brighty and Alex Wilson at the Talk Cafe at the Greenwich Car Free Day on Sunday 17th September. The event allowed people from Blackheath Westcombe, Charlton, Greenwich West and Peninsula to meet with their local councillors and representatives from various council departments to discuss issues that matter to them.

Conservatives helping local traders

Conservative Councillor for Blackheath Westcombe Geoff Brighty submitted a petition to Greenwich Council on Wednesday. The petition which had over 350 signatures showed local residents and traders' concern over a new betting shop which is seeking to open along Old Dover Road.

Labour’s failure with Cleansweep

The residents of Beaconsfield Road, Beaconsfield Close, Hardy Road and Ingleside Grove are being let down by Cleansweep. Cleansweep is supposed to administer the grounds maintenance of Ingleside Gardens which is also know locally as "The Triangle", but in recent months this has lapsed.

Isn’t it time for a Conservative Mayor of Greenwich?

The new Mayor of Greenwich is Cllr Harpinder Singh (Labour). And the Conservatives welcome him as Mayor, we are sure that he will do a good job during his year as Mayor.

However the question was asked by Conservative Leader Spencer Drury "Why can't we have a Conservative Mayor?"

Blackheath Westcombe Election Results


The Conservatives now have two Councillors in the Blackheath Westcombe Ward. Geoff Brighty and Alex Wilson. The results are as follows:


Greenwich Let Down by Labour – Its Time for a Change

For over 35 years locally, 9 years nationally and 6 years under Ken Livingstone Greenwich has been left behind. 

Are you getting the best from Greenwich Council?

The District Auditor’s Letter (2004-2005) stated “Overall costs are relatively high when compared with other London boroughs”. After 35 years of a Labour Council and 9 years of a Labour Government, this Councils services are poor. 


Failing our Children


Police Numbers Fall as Drug Crime Rises

A quick glance through the pages of Greenwich Time would give you the impression that our borough is becoming an increasingly safe place to live.  But the reality is that Violence against the person, Robbery, Burglary, and Gun Crime all rose from 2004 to 2005, and Drug Crime was up by a third across the borough.

Council Tax to Rise above Inflation

Labour is putting up Council Tax by nearly 4% this year, at a time w

Conservatives Highlight Massive Increase in Train Crime

There has been a truly alarming rise in violent crime on trains in the past five years.


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