Blackheath Westcombe

Your Conservative Council Candidates: Councillor Geoff Brighty, Malcolm Reid & Thomas Turrell. 

Remember you have 3 votes on the 3rd May. 

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See below for news and updates from the team: 

Congestion likely to get worse in Greenwich

Transport for London (TfL) have recently changed the operations times and procedures of the Blackwall Tunnel ending over 25 years of the Tidal Flow, which helped to reduce northbound congestion during the morning rush hour. This seemed to have been done hastily and was announced without the normal consultation with Greenwich Council by TfL.

Missed Opportunity for John Roan

Times are hard for John Roan School, firstly only 20% of pupils were able to achieve 5 or more A*-C grades (inc English & Maths), this is one of the worst results in the country. Greenwich is also one of the worst boroughs in the country for Education, ranked 10th from bottom out of 150 LEA's, and is at the bottom of the London League table.

Conservatives welcome new Marks & Spencer's store

Both your local Conservative Councillors for Blackheath Westcombe were at the opening on of the new Mark

Taxes up, Services Cut, Debate Closed

At the recent Budget meeting Labour closed the important debate on the Council's Budget before the Conservatives had proposed their alternative budget which would have seen School Crossing patrols maintained, whilst at the same time increasing the number of police on our streets. The Conservatives approach would have been to cut Town Hall bureaucracy but maintain front line services.

Grab-All Labour

The Labour administration of Greenwich Council refuses to allow local Councillors seats on an important Greenwich-Lewisham committee which helps to organise the upkeep of Blackheath. Since the local elections in May 2006 there have been two Conservative Councillors in Blackheath Westcombe (Cllr Geoff Brighty and Cllr Alex Wilson), to one Labour Councillor.

Queen Mother's Tree Replaced

A tree planted on the Pond Road Estate to commemorate the Queen Mother's 100th Birthday, which unfortunately didn't survive the rigours of its SE London base, has been replaced.  Councillor Geoff Brighty, who took part in the original tree planting ceremony, was keen to see the tree replaced when he was re-elected to represent the area in May 2006. 

Cleansweep and Ingleside Gardens: The Story Continues

You may remember a story from back in August 2006, "Labour's failure with Cleansweep" and "Ingleside Gardens – An Update". After continuing discussions with Cleansweep managers, reminding them of their promise to bring Ingleside Gardens (also know locally as the "triangle") up to an acceptable standard more extensive work would appear to have been carried out.

Labour’s continuing failure towards Greenwich’s children

The latest GCSE results are now confirmed for the whole of the country and a quick look at the ra

Getting a new home for your local police?

Your two Conservative Councillors for Blackheath Westcombe are helping to find a new home for your local Safer Neighborhood Team (SNT). The SNT is currently made up of two police officers and two community support officers, who together help to tackle crime and anti-social behavior in and around Blackheath Westcombe.


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