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Labour’s idea of a walk in the park

It is three years since I highlighted the dreadful condition of Hornfair Park and while the Labour Council reacted to my criticisms with a complete overhaul of the whole area, the truth is that other parks around the borough are a complete mess. This weekend I ventured into Queenscroft Park where all the signs of long-term neglect were completely apparent. As you approach the park, the gates don’t shut properly and are bent apart with a padlock chain which looks like it might occasionally be used to try and shut them.

Is the ‘Bedroom Tax’ working in Greenwich?

In a Labour Borough like Greenwich the phrase ‘Bedroom Tax’ to describe the Housing Benefit reforms is everywhere, even in Officers reports until I complained about the implied bias. However, beneath the surface (and obviously not admitted by the Council) there are signs that the policy is starting to work, freeing up larger homes for the families that need them.
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