November 2012

Students Debate

Last night 22 November 2012 Greenwich Conservatives spokesmen attended a debate at the University of Greenwich with the University Labour Society. The debate was chaired by the BA Politics Course Leader; John McLean.

Eltham South councillor helps out during PCC elections

Eltham South councillor Adam Thomas recently helped Conservative colleagues in the recent PCC in which the party won the highest number of new Police and Crime Commissioners - Adam is pictured speaking to voters about their concerns on crime and anti-social behaviour.

Using Your Local Councillors in Coldharbour

Mandy, John and Neil have raised a wide range of issues on behalf of residents and are keen to help in any way possible. Did you know that your councillors can call for a licence review, if it is felt that an establishment needs to be called to account?

Conservatives stand up for Avery Hill residents on garden grab

Eltham South Conservatives Adam Thomas and Eileen Glover attended a Planning Inquiry meeting this week, to stand up for residents living on Avery Hill Road who had raised concerns about the potential of a garden grab development behind 182-184 Avery Hill Road.

Council leaves Eltham Town Centre without successful dispersal zone

Eltham Town Centre has been left without its successful anti-crime dispersal zone after Labour failed to renew it. After questions from Conservative Councillor Spencer Drury, it appeared that despite a request from the police to renew the initiative, the Labour party missed the deadline; Labour councillors did not however, miss the deadline to renew a dispersal zone in Woolwich.

Conservatives maintain pressure over the Coronet

At the October Council meeting, Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury maintained the pressure on Greenwich’s Labour Council through questions about the rebuilding of the Coronet Cinema site.

Councillors Pressure Labour Council To Do More For Local Shops

Your local Conservative Councillors Mandy Brinkhurst, John Hills and Neil Dickinson, have been lobbying Greenwich Council to do more to encourage businesses to open up on the Mound. Cllr Mandy Brinkhurst has asked questions at Full Council. For an estate such as Coldharbour, that is a bus ride away from any town centre, it is vital that there are local facilities for residents.

Eltham community comes together on Remembrance Day

At Sunday's Remembrance Day parade in Eltham, all sections of the community came together to remember member of the British and Commonwealth's armed forces who have died during conflicts. With Armistice Day also being remembered today, the crowds were as large as always.

Avery Hill car wash development back on the table

Eltham South councillors have been informed that the owners of the Avery Hill car wash have submitted yet another application to redevelop the site, following the closure of the hand car wash that has operated on the site over the last 18 months.

Protecting our Olympic legacy

It has, by any standards, been a truly memorable year for our Borough. A year that began with The Queen granting us Royal Borough status ahead of Her Jubilee celebrations continued with the arrival of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in the summer. Many local people shared in the excitement of the Games, but it was only natural that such a huge event taking place on our doorstep would cause disruption, and that some residents would be concerned about its effects.

Eltham South Conservatives secure funding for Avery Hill road safety

Eltham South councillors Matt Clare and Adam Thomas have secured council funding for a feasibility study for road safety measures on Avery Hill Road and Bexley Road.

Would you manage your finances as badly as Greenwich Council manage theirs?

In a recent financial report which, let’s face it, describes how between £858 to £2,575 of your money is spent this year, Greenwich Council spoke of ‘under borrowing’
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